A Quick German Shepherd Feeding Guide
german shepherd feeding

A Quick German Shepherd Feeding Guide

German Shepherd feeding and feeding dogs in general is a complex debate.

One with many right and wrong answers…

Nutritional science is a growing field for both people and dogs.  For reasons I’ll never understand we, as humans, have turned to western medicine and complex science to solve problems that we create.  We eat, breath and bath in material that cause health problems everyday and we ignore the simple fact that if we change our diet and exercise habits our bodies will heal.

Dogs and humans alike are amazing biological machines that work constantly to be healthy.

If you offer a clean fuel for your body to use the byproducts (disease) will be kept to a minimum.

I’m not here to give any opinions on how you should run your life or the diet you should maintain. But, I am here to lend some common sense into feeding your dog.

The biggest misconception I hear when with german shepherd feeding and dog feeding in general is that the dog needs to be fed the same thing at all times to maintain health. 

That is absolute garbage.

It goes against everything we know about diet and nutrition, and what, because it’s a dog, variety is no longer the fruit of life?

No, the fact of the matter is, if you feed the same thing for years, months, weeks of course there will need to be an internal adjustment made by the body.  But, think long and hard, you don’t eat the same thing every day for a reason and that reason to stay healthy and get a variety of nutrients with varying bioavailability into your body.  Wolves don’t eat the same thing every day, dogs shouldn’t either.

Now, because we are not nutritionists, veterinarians or doctors we have to do research to make sure that the variety we feed ourselves or our dogs has all the vital nutritional nutrients needed to maintain life.  Because this effort takes much training, planning, time and money it is much easier to lean on science here.  This is why people take vitamins or eat breakfast cereal and this is what dry dog food is equivalent too.

When considering german shepherd feeding, I recommend that my clients (and I feed this way myself) feed their dog 2 high quality dry foods with varying protein sources as a base in your dogs diet. 

Then you can be sure that your dog isn’t missing any vital nutrients.

Once you have your base then you can feed as you wish when it comes to supplementing the diet with variety.

This is where I suggest adding raw food.  Raw food is by far the best thing to feed your pet.

The nutrients are easily absorbed by your dogs body because they are unchanged from their natural form.  The real pieces of meat, vegetables and fruits you feed are how the dog would consume food in the wild.  Hunting and scavenging is the way wild dogs have eaten since the dawn of time.  The science of raw food is very clear.  The emergence of dog nutritionists and holistic vets is enough evidence alone to support this.

Now there are lists of raw foods and plants that are not good or downright poisonous to dogs.  The lists are easily found online with a simple search.

Remember dogs are not humans, they are more carnivorous than we are…

They require a significantly higher ratio of meat (water and protein) to veggies, fruits and grains (Mostly water, carbohydrates and sugars).  In fact that is the order of importance in a dogs diet.  Meat, veggies, fruits and grains.  Grains being non-essential and sometimes harmful to dogs.

Many dogs have allergies to wheat and corn.  I suggest steering clear of grain all together.  Meat should compile most of the diet, with some veggies and maybe fruit.

Now don’t get me wrong, veterinarians, like doctors, are amazing people with vast educational backgrounds, an abundance of knowledge and a capacity for helping all animals.  But, don’t kid yourselves, they are not perfect and they don’t know everything.  They know what they were taught.  Nutrition hasn’t made up a big piece of the educational pie in the recent past, even for veterinarians and doctors.  It is beginning to change now and one can only hope it changes in a significant fashion and we (humans and dogs) being to use food to heal instead of pills.

Until this becomes the norm (and mark my words, it will), jump on the train and be a trend setter.  Good food = good health.  It’s common sense and the science behind common sense is typically irrefutable.

What food does Hayes Haus feed their dogs as a base?

Great question 🙂

Visit our dog food page to learn about the dry food we our dogs and recommend to Hayes Haus puppy owners.

If you follow good nutrition habits your dog will be healthier:  I believe this so strongly that if you follow my loose nutritional guides I will lengthen my guarantee on my German Shepherd Puppies.

About the Author Brandon Hayes

Founder of Hayes Haus Kennels, Brandon Hayes grew up in Massachusetts and is no stranger to the dog world. He's been working as a dog trainer for 15+ years and breeding German Shepherd Dogs since 2009. In his free time, he enjoys coaching wresting at Triton High School.

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