Puppy Deposits for Hayes Haus

Puppy Deposits

If you know when you’d like to bring your future puppy home, you can use leave your deposit here.


Why reserve a puppy in advance?

HayesHaus.com receives hundreds of visitors from across the United States each day. As you can imagine, we are unfortunately unable to fulfill every single puppy request that comes our way.

Over the years, we’ve found that families who plan for a puppy in advance generally have fewer issues during the purchase process, pickup process, and while integrating their new dog into their family. For these reasons, we’ve made a small number of “future puppies” available for those families who have taken time to do their research and plan everything in advance. Doing so makes this process easier on you and easier on us. It’s our goal to make everything as simple as possible and to give you an experience you can look back on fondly.

Benefits for you

Reserving a puppy in advance is in essence putting your faith in Hayes Haus to breed or procure a puppy that fits into our breeding philosophyWhen you plan ahead for your dog, Hayes Haus can plan ahead with you. The sooner we begin working with perspective buyers like yourself, the better. It allows us to achieve the goal mentioned above: giving an easy experience that you’ll look back to fondly.

How to leave your puppy deposit

At the bottom of this page, select whether you’d like an untrained puppy, or a puppy who will go through our Quickstart training program. From there, choose your preferred take-home month and puppy gender. Lastly, click “add to cart.” Review your selections, then click “proceed to checkout.” Enter your payment information and you’re good to go! We will contact you directly to coordinate the process for choosing your puppy and picking him or her up at Hayes Haus.

When can I choose my puppy?

Great question. Since these puppies are not born yet, choosing one is impossible. By leaving your deposit today, you are not placing a deposit on a specific puppy, only assuring you’ll receive a puppy from Hayes Haus within the time-frame you select (nature depending). As litters are born, we will contact you directly over email or by phone to let you know your “options.”

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