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German Shepherd Puppy Pricing Guide 2016

German Shepherd Puppy Pricing + Lifetime Ownership Cost Analysis

Whether or not you should buy a German Shepherd puppy is the first question you’ll need to answer on your road to dog ownership, but we must first ask ourselves…

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best german shepherd books list

Best German Shepherd Books for Your Reading List

A dog lover’s reading list wouldn’t be complete without these three books… And why did I create this mini-reading list? Having to care for another living being is a serious challenge

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best travel dog crates - review article

Best Travel Dog Crates for Summer

If you’re bringing your canine best friend along with you on vacation, you’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable during the trip because a happy pooch means a happy family that’s

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German Dog Commands

Expert German Dog Commands; How To Train Puppies The Easy Way

The act of commanding your dog is nothing new…

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8 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Bad For Your Dog [Infographic]

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, food... and more food. And if you're like most people, the thought that there are Thanksgiving foods dogs cant eat slips your mind when the mashed potatoes,

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German Shepherd Temperament: Ultimate GSD Buyer’s Guide

Do you keep coming across the same boring, unscientific descriptions of German Shepherd temperament on every dog information website you go to?Frustrating, isn't it?These generic 'personality trait' lists

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german shepherd feeding

A Quick German Shepherd Feeding Guide

German Shepherd feeding and feeding dogs in general is a complex debate. One with many right and wrong answers…

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The Dog Worlds Common Enemy (Opinion)

The Dog World Is Coming Apart At The Seams And We’re Chasing Our Tails What is the dog worlds common enemy?

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breeders vs shelters

Choosing The Right Dog; Breeders vs Shelters

Breeders vs Shelters… When choosing a dog that is right for you, many things come into play.  There are rewards and repercussions for every decision to be made. I’d like to start with the

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neutering and spaying information

Neutering And Spaying Information; Making An Informed Choice For Your Dog

I disagree with the public’s and media’s harsh stance on spaying and neutering dogs so early in their life. Neutering and spaying information has become almost a one-sided discussion.

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