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Searching for your family's new puppy should feel comfortable, right?

Easy Puppy Planning Process You'll Enjoy

Our systematic buying process guarantees you'll never be left in the dark. Get contacted as much or as little as you'd like.  Isn't that the way it should be?

Strategic Breeding Practices You'll Trust

The commercial breeding industry continues trending towards producing the "best looking" dogs with no regard for health or temperament. We're sprinting in the other direction.  

How is Hayes Haus different?

It's a shame the commercial dog-breeding world has gone to breeding for appearance.

It's created unhealthy dogs with unpredictable temperament.

The Hayes Haus breeding philosophy aims to change this, one dog at a time.

It all starts with a commitment to T.H.I.S

german shepherd temperament

German Shepherd

  • Solid Nerves
  • Correct Drives
  • Appropriate Thresholds
German Shepherd Health

German Shepherd

  • Healthy Coat and Teeth
  • Free of Genetic Disorders
  • Lifespan
German Shepherd Intelligence

German Shepherd

  • Trainability
  • Focus
  • Memory
german shepherd intelligence

German Shepherd

  • Normal Hips and Elbows
  • Powerful Movement
  • Correct Size


217 Best Friends Bred

Announcement: as of 2017, Hayes Haus now offers German Shepherd puppies in Michigan

Levon the Sable German Shepherd says Hello...

Bill Now Married...
Still a Happy Hayes Haus Puppy Owner

Just wanted to give you an update on the fine pup you sold me...Levon. He's fantastic...just over a year and a half old now. He's healthy and he's a damn good dog. He's perfect with all other dogs and all humans. He lives a very active life...plays with other dogs every single day, we do hikes, he plays fetch now, goes on runs...he'll do and come anywhere.

Update 2014: Best dog ever. Thinking about pulling the trigger on a second one. Gonna wait till after my June wedding!

Kona the Bicolor German Shepherd Says Hi, Too!

Jody Owner of a 'Beautiful' Hayes Haus Puppy

Hi Brandon - Kona is doing great! It took her about a day to seem comfortable here at her new home, she is so playful and has found her bark. She loves to bite! I've attached some pictures and will defiantly keep you posted on her progress. Update: Good morning Brandon, Just a quick update on Kona.

Update: She is doing great. We get complements all the time on how well behaved she is, how good with the kids she is and of course how beautiful she is! She is a great family dog. Ive attached a recent picture for you, I think she looks a lot like Buck.