Buy Trained German Shepherd Puppies (June 2024 Availability)

Trained German Shepherd Puppies

Our 'Puppy Quickstart Program' makes bringing a new puppy into your home easier!


Do you want a german shepherd puppy...

but want to avoid some of the headaches?

This page lists trained german shepherd puppies for sale by Hayes Haus Kennels in West Newbury, MA. 

We offer shipping to select states and countries around the world for these trained puppies. Please note: availability for this year is extremely limited. 

To request more information and/or join the wait list, please enter your email at the bottom of this page.

Should I Buy A Trained Puppy?

The answer all depends.. 

From 8-12 weeks your puppy is in its first fear stage, which is critical for expose to scenarios they will encounter in their future adult life.

During this stage, puppies should be exposed to new people and other healthy dogs, as well as differing terrain and environment. These experiences provide the foundation for the adult dog they will eventually become, but first it's important for them to become a trained puppy. However...

It is vital to keep all activities and real-world exposure extremely positive, safe and monitored as you train your puppy. This time period is critical for their future temperament and personality. An overly negative event at this point in a puppy’s life can be traumatic, which leads to your question's answer (whether or not you should purchase an 8-week-old puppy, or a 12-week-old trained puppy).  

If you work a normal 9-5 job, putting the necessary hours into training your puppy during it's first month at home (ages 8-12 weeks) may not be entirely possible. And leaving your young (un-crate trained) puppy alone in his or her crate for an entire day is sure to have detrimental affects down the road.

Training a German Shepherd puppy is hard enough. When you leave the pup in their crate all day, this "ball of energy" becomes even harder to train and house-break.

Introducing, the Puppy Quickstart program... 

The long-requested "trained puppy program" is finally here at Hayes Haus. 

Here's how it works:

From ages 10-14 weeks of your puppy's life, he or she will remain at Hayes Haus and partake in an extremely regimented training program. During this program, your new puppy will be monitored round-the-clock to ensure proper training and development, which includes but is not limited to socialization with strangers (including well-behaved children) as well as safe cats and dogs.

In order for your puppy to be obey you around other pets, it's important to begin training them at an early age to do so. 

What goes into a "Trained Puppy Program"? 

On any particular day at Hayes Haus, your puppy will be going through any number of proven-safe scenarios for puppies.

We take short rides in the car to some of our neighborhood parks and trails to use some of the natural obstacles; we teach puppies to pleasantly accept grooming and expose them to bathing; we instill good habits such as keeping your paws on the floor and eliminating on leash; we also use puppy games to teach important life commands.

Here's a more in-depth breakdown for you:

  • Training begins at 3 weeks of age, teaching the puppy to make eye contact
  • The puppies are monitored around the clock and follow a very regimented schedule (will send exact training schedule to the email address you enter above)
  • Socialization exercises are conducted daily
  • All trained german shepherd puppies are available for pickup at 14 weeks of age. 
  • At this time, your puppy will know his or her name and be used to the schedule you provide us, which helps with easier integration into your home.

When your puppy comes home, they'll be crate-trained, and have the groundwork (extensive exposure) to training for the following commands:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Look

Our goal is to save you hundreds of hours and countless night's sleep with this program.

It is ideal for working families who want to get a puppy, but don't have the time to deal with the headaches of crate training and basic obedience.

Trained German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

As noted above, availability for this year is extremely limited. We will most likely only put 10-15 puppies through this program throughout the year. Because success is so important, limiting available trained puppies helps us ensure each puppy who 'graduates' makes a smooth transition into their new home so they can live a life of happiness with their new family.

If you'd like more information about the Hayes Haus Quickstart Trained Puppy Program, please enter your information below: