Adult German Shepherd Dogs For Sale

Adult German Shepherds

Resources For Choosing Your Family's New Dog

Choosing an adult German Shepherd dog (any adult dog for that matter) can be a daunting task because there are so many variables to take into consideration...

You need to consider not only how your new dog will fit into you and your family’s life, but also how the adjustment into such a scenario will affect the dog itself. Unfortunately, this second consideration is one not often thought of when families decide to bring an older dog into their life.  

A new living environment is often enough to stress out a dog (ask anyone who's ever moved homes with their adult dog), so when you add on new owners too, it's very important to consider how this will affect the dog's future behavior. 

Beyond this, there is also a seemingly overwhelming amount of German Shepherd characteristics to contemplate when trying to decide whether or not to purchase an adult dog, and if so, which one...


Questions To Ask When Considering Buying An Adult German Shepherd Dog

  • Should I choose an adult female german shepherd and an adult male german shepherd?
  • What age is most appropriate for my given situation, lifestyle, and experience with dogs?
  • What color should I get? What colors are there, even?
  • Should I get a rescue, a trained dog, or something else (maybe a puppy, or adolescent dog)?
  • What are my options?

At Hayes Haus we've developed (and will continue to improve) an innovative way for matching Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut families with the German Shepherd dog they’ve always dreamed of... 

It’s very important to note that while we are German Shepherd breeders, we firmly believe that every dog deserves a loving and caring home!

Every dog deserves a loving home!

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 We work with shelters and rescues to help ensure as many dogs as possible are placed in good homes with loving families.

Dogs from these institutions are commonly priced cheaper due to their life situations and abilities.

Get Notified When New Dogs Become Available

As Hayes Haus continues to expand, we remain committed to our goals stated above when it comes to helping place adult German Shepherds into loving homes.

And while we don't always have dogs available, we make it a priority to help place a German Shepherd in need with the right home for their life stage, temperament, and personality.

To receive alerts when we have a German Shepherd Dog available, please email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to keep you informed of available adult dogs.

The more information you can provide, the better we'll be able to match you with an adult dog that will thrive in your home.