What German Shepherd Food Is Best?

German Shepherd Food 

What does Hayes Haus regard as the best German Shepherd food?

How most dog food is stored and shipped... 

Most dog food (even food considered the best dog food on the market to many) will be processed, then placed on a shelf at the manufacturer for weeks before it's sent to a distributor or pet store. From there, it sits longer (who knows how long?) before it gets to your home and your dog's food bowl. 

Some brands even sit MONTHS before making their way to your dog's stomach...

To us, this is a scary proposition. 

TLC Pet Food never sits on a shelf for longer than 4-6 weeks before it is shipped directly to a customer's door. This way, the nutritional value is never compromised and you can feel comfortable knowing your dog is actually getting the nutritional benefits promised on the food's label. 

Why is TLC Pet Food a great German Shepherd food?

Reliable Food

TLC Pet Food has never had a recall- this is a HUGE reason why we feed it to all our dogs and consider it the best German Shepherd food available.

Certified Fresh

TLC Pet Food, and treats never hit a pet store chain, warehouse or grocery store. Their food is only delivered FRESH from them to your door, directly from the manufacturer. 

Quality Ingredients

No wheat, corn, dairy!

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.