Michigan German Shepherd Puppies for Sale | April 2017 Litters Available

Michigan German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Helping make your Lakes Region puppy experience comfortable

If you're looking to add a German Shepherd puppy to your Michigan family, then you've come to the right place.

From Massachusetts in the East, to Michigan where you live, and California out West, Hayes Haus is well-known as one of the top working-line German Shepherd breeders in the nation.

Specifically in Michigan, we serve as a risk-free alternative to buying your German Shepherd puppy from a questionable online puppy platform like Next Day Pets, Petfinder, and similar breeder services. While many reputable German Shepherd puppy breeders in Michigan do sell their dogs through these puppy buyer platforms, they're too often just a front for puppy mills.

Buy Michigan German Shepherd Puppies

Whether you live in the Detroit metro area, Grand Rapids, or anywhere else in Michigan, we invite you to fill out this form to let us know what type of German Shepherd puppy you're looking for.

If you want to buy a puppy now, fill this form out and answer the question about your purchase timeline with "now." When you do, we'll send you a list of Shepherd pups that are currently available at Hayes Haus and through Friends of Hayes Haus breeders.

Reserve Your Michigan GSD Puppy

Are you looking to bring home your new best friend after April or May 2017? No worries!

When you fill out the Hayes Haus puppy personalization form, just select the option for "I want to buy a puppy in the future," fill out your desired puppy pickup date, and we'll keep you in the loop about the available litters who match your preferences.

A healthy working dog that's suited for Michigan's climate

Because of their think coat, German Shepherd dogs love living in Michigan. The winter cold or breeze off the Great Lakes doesn't bother them a bit, in fact, they love it! So if you're going through the process of finding and choosing the right dog for your family and aren't sure whether or not a German Shepherd is for you, then you certainly don't need to let climate affect your decision.

Health Guarantees

All Hayes Haus German Shepherds come with an industry-best health guarantee that's fair for us as a breeder, and reliable for you as a dog owner. You can read more about our healthy puppy guarantees on our main GSD puppy page.

Puppy Pricing

As a full-service kennel offering dog training and boarding, we also offer a variety of puppy packages. Beyond 8-12 week old German Shepherd puppies, our most popular program is for families looking for a younger puppy who's already crate trained and/or taught the foundations of basic obedience.

Click here to read more about our "Quickstart" trained German Shepherd puppy program for Michigan families. Pricing for all puppy levels can be found on our frequently asked questions page

german shepherd puppies for sale in michigan

The difficulty in finding great Michigan dog breeders

Michigan business dog breeder

Why is it hard to find purebred German Shepherd puppies for sale in Michigan?

According to the United States Census Bureau, as of July 2016 Michigan's population clocked in at 9,928,300. This statistic ranks the Wolverine State as the 10th most populated region in the United States. And as of May 2017, it's safe to assume that as of May 2017, Michigan's general population has exceeded the 10,000,000. That's lots of houses, lots of families, and even more people who call Michigan their home!

So why is finding German Shepherd puppies for sale so difficult in the Lakes Region? If you're buying a GSD and have searched online in Michigan, then I'm sure you can agree... There does seem to be a lack of reputable German Shepherd breeders in the area. And though there can be many great reasons for his, we have a few guesses.

Small businesses like dog breeders are having a tough time

According to Thumbtack's small business sentiment survey of Michigan-based business owners, the Wolverine State ranks extremely low for some of the more important metics for judging business health and overall market friendliness. Whether you're breeding GSD puppies in Grand Rapids or selling homes in Ann Arbor, these metrics are the same: Michigan scores a C+ for "overall business friendliness" and a lowly D+ for "ease of starting a business."

When it's hard to start a business, it's common to find less micro-businesses (like dog breeders) starting up. And when the overall friendliness of doing business has just barely a passing score of C+, we can only assume that it's becoming harder and harder to maintain a small business in Michigan.

Looking beyond just the pet industry

In an effort help you understand why the market for buying puppies (especially a more 'expensive' breed like the German Shepherd) in Michigan is poor, we've pulled a few examples from Thumbtack's business survey mentioned above.

Trying to navigate through all of the forms and documents is a nightmare. There is no set guideline to follow in terms of locating the appropriate paperwork for my specific business needs.

Group Dog Trainer
Lansing, MI

It's clear:

Being a dog trainer (or a breeder) in Michigan poses similar challenges that other breeders face across the United States. Some regions have strict laws, others not strict enough. Many areas have breed-specific laws that limit the breeding and sale of dog breeds deemed by the public as having an "aggressive temperament." Unfortunately, the behavior of poorly trained German Shepherds many times influences Shepherds being placed on these lists. 

There are too many layers of bureaucracy. Each city has its own requirements. A state license should be adequate anywhere within the state."

Massage Therapist
Southfield, MI

Although we're working-line GSD breeders and not massage therapists, this further highlights why finding a reputable German Shepherd puppy breeder in Michigan can feel so difficult, and why so many Michigan families resort to puppy selling websites like PetFinder!

Michigan Regions Served & Other Information

We're happy to accommodate your needs no matter where you live in Michigan. For specific shipping inquiries and other information requests, please feel free to contact our kennel at any time through email: [email protected]. We generally respond within 12 hours, less during the work week!


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