Private Dog Training Programs In Massachusetts

In-Home Private Lessons Available for May 2016

We'll Come To You In Newburyport & The Surrounding North Shore Area

Our private lessons consist of a dog trainer coming to your home and addressing the behavioral issues explained by you, and presented by your dog in person. These meetings are also a great opportunity to get specific behavioral questions answered. You may be wondering if this is a viable option for training your dog...

In-home private lessons work best for individuals and families who either have a hard time getting around (because of work schedule or otherwise) and/or for dogs that exhibit out of the ordinary behavior on their home turf.

Your dog should be on his or her best behavior while they're at home, and if they're not (or if the behavior is less than satisfactory, in your eyes), then private in-home lessons may be a great option for you.

Private Dog Training Lessons

How long do private dog training lessons last? 

A typical home visit lasts from 1-3 hours and is what I would call an evaluation/lesson.

At the end of the session the exercises are recapped and a "homework" list is put into affect.

This training homework list will consist of suggestions on how to handle your dog in particular situations and obedience exercises you can practice in the confines of your home.

There will also be a decision made about the future of the dog and his/her training...

How many private lessons will I need to get the results I want?

Ninety-nine percent of the time only a single house call is made and then group classes or a board and train program is recommended for the remainder of the dog's training.

This final outcome usually proves to be less costly than having a trainer come to your house every week for a scheduled lesson.

Of course my mutual guarantee remains in place: if you do your part of the work you will see significant improvements in your dog and if you don't, I will work with you until you do.

How much does in-home training cost?

For most scenarios, pricing is based on $150 per hour, however, the exact cost of in-home lessons is based on these four factors: 

  • Dog's age and training experience
  • Your own experience with dogs
  • Your dog's current training and behavioral problems
  • Your location and availability

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Cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted for all private training programs and can be paid upon the completion of each training session.