Board and Train Program for Dogs Needing Behavioral Adjustment

Board and Train Programs for May 2016

All board and train programs are in West Newbury, Massachusetts

These programs are some of the oldest means of dog training.

Hunting dogs and guide dogs, which are some of the most reliable dogs on the planet, are still trained in this fashion.

They are, by far, the fastest way to see dramatic improvements in your dog's behavior.

What are board and train programs for dogs?

Board and train programs are now used a solution for many complex dog problems, but also have a deep-rooted history in the dog world.

Though every case is different, here's a general outline for how board and train programs often work for family dogs:

  • Get expert consultation about your dog's problems
  • Try alternative solutions, and if they don't work, decide to board and train at a respected kennel
  • Outline program goals
  • Choose appropriate program length and drop dog off
  • Pick dog up after program is complete, and generally participate in a detailed training session with kennel staff in order to make sure the training continues successfully

What results should I expect for my dog?

That doesn't mean when you get your dog home that your job is complete but it does make the transition from bad to good behavior much smoother. It also gives you the confidence to handle your dog in the manner in which he/she needs to be handled to achieve spectacular results.

Remember the job of the kennel training staff is to prove to you that your dog can be well behaved in all situations, including situations in which the dog acted inappropriately in the past; it is your job to continue on this path to success, that these trainers have so graciously lead you to.

How long do board/train programs last?

Dog board and train programs for dog obedience typically last between 2-4 weeks, with 3 weeks being the average stay. Dog behavioral issues such as extreme aggression, shyness, fear or insecurity may take longer. In these situations a ball park estimate will be given in terms of the stay required.

This estimate will be based on past experience with similar dog's behavioral issues. In cases like the aforementioned, it is best to listen carefully and err on the side of experienced trainers. If the trainers suggest an extra week of training to iron out the rest of the wrinkles, it is wise to allow them that time.

Experience is second to nothing in the dog training business and you want the best results possible for your dog, especially when he/she comes with extensive behavioral baggage.

When can my dog enroll?

Because we are focused primarily on consistently improving our breeding program and developing our Quickstart program for trained German Shepherd puppies, board and train is not our priority...

So, instead of sacrificing on quality by offering more board and train programs, we do the opposite. As of Summer 2016, we have extremely limited availability in order to ensure we give every dog boarded at Hayes Haus exceptional attention and support. We often only keep one space open for board and train at a time. 

We would also like to point out that board and train is often not necessary in order to achieve the behavioral adjustments you may be looking for in your dog. On top of being much more cost-effective, in-home private lessons are recommended as a first step. If during the first hour of training we determine that your dog would be a better fit for board and train, we will waive the private lesson fee if you choose to enroll in board/train at Hayes Haus.

How much do board and train programs cost?

Two Weeks

An effective solution for many families

  • Perfect to complete while you're away on vacation
  • Training-focused


Three Weeks

Recommended; the best fit for most

  • For dogs who need extra help
  • Focus is on adjusting unwanted behaviors


One Month

For extreme behavioral programs

  • For complex behavioral correction
  • Most dogs do not need this program


Cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted for board and train programs.

A minimum of $3000 must be paid in full before the program begins.

The remaining due at the time you pick up your dog.

Get exact availability and estimated pricing for your dog

If you have any questions about the Hayes Haus board and train programs, please do not hesitate to contact us:

By email: any time, [email protected] or
By phone: from 10:00 AM through 7:00 PM