Which Supplies & Toys Are Best For German Shepherds?

Recommended German Shepherd Supplies

These are the products we use and recommend here at Hayes Haus

Below is a list of recommended German Shepherd supplies. These are the supplies we use and support here at Hayes Haus. 

This list is a work in progress...

Please check back in the future for more information and if you have any immediate questions, contact us at [email protected]

German Shepherd Toys

Kong EXTREME Dog Toy

​Make sure you purchase the Kong "EXTREME" (the black version), as it stands up better over time versus the regular Kong (red version) which can break down easily with a tough-chewing breed like the German Shepherd.

Note: you should always supervise your dog while he's chewing on this toy, and all other "dog toys". 

We recommend the medium size for German Shepherd puppies and the X-Large size for adult German Shepherds.

ChuckIt! Amphibious Flying Ring

​That's a fancy name for a dog frisbee. And we respect it. 

The ChuckIt! Amphibious Flying Ring has stood the test of time at Hayes Haus, enduring constant chewing, ripping, and general wear and tear. 

If you like to throw the frisbee around but are sick of your puppy or dog breaking it with one bite, then this product is for you. 

It's also waterproof!

Puzzle Treat Ball / Meal Dispensing Dog Toy

A secret weapon for puppy owners. Make your puppy work for their meal by placing the majority of their dog food into a puzzle treat like this one. 

Making your puppy "work for it" will help tire him out and help train problem-solving skills. If your puppy gobbles up their meal in seconds then looks at you for more, give this toy a try. 

Giant Deer Antler

Yup, a deer antler for dogs. Yup, it's real. Deer antlers will keep your dog entertained for hours of hard chewing and last for what seems like forever. If you're purchasing a young puppy, you'll thank yourself for investing in a two-pack of these in advance. Perfect for teething puppies. But if you're just looking to give one a try, there are plenty more elk and deer antlers for your dog listed through this link.

Best German Shepherd Food

Watch now to learn more

Life's Abundance

Life's Abundance, in our option, is the best German Shepherd food for a number of reason. Most importantly, they've never had a recall.  

ith so many untested ingredients being put into commercial dog foods, it's become increasingly more difficult for dog owners to understand what they're putting in their dog's body.

Life's Abundance changes that. 

Made with ingredients you can pronounce, it's shipped directly to your door instead of being shipped to pet stores, where it may sit on shelves for months on end without being sold, ruining the ingredients. 

It's the food we feed Hayes Haus puppies and mother in our foster program, and we recommend you feed it you your puppy too.