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Our systematic buying process guarantees you'll never be left in the dark. Get contacted as much or as little as you'd like.  Isn't that the way it should be?


The commercial breeding industry continues trending towards producing the "best looking" dogs with no regard for health or temperament. We're sprinting in the other direction.  

German Shepherd Puppies 

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German Shepherd Puppies

It's a shame the commercial dog-breeding world has gone to breeding for appearance. It's created unhealthy dogs with unpredictable temperament.

The Hayes Haus breeding philosophy aims to change this, one dog at a time.

Instead of solely appearance, T.H.I.S is what we breed for: Temperament, Health, Intelligence, and Structure

What all this mean for you?

Great question!

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German Shepherd Temperament

  • Solid Nerves
  • Correct Drives
  • Appropriate Thresholds
german shepherd temperament
German Shepherd Health

German Shepherd Health

  • Healthy Coat and Teeth
  • Free of Genetic Disorders
  • Lifespan

German Shepherd Intelligence

  • Trainability
  • Focus
  • Memory
german shepherd intelligence
german shepherd intelligence

German Shepherd Structure

  • Normal Hips and Elbows
  • Powerful Movement
  • Correct Size


152 Best Friends Bred

Jamie + Family
Suncook, NH

german shepherd puppy and baby

Thank you so much! We love our Luna!

Steve + Laysa
Hopkinton, MA

german shepherd puppy swimming

Lana from your GG litter is 3 1/2 months now and the star of puppy kindergarten. If the other puppies voted for superlatives, she'd win "best looking" and "most likely to succeed" in a landslide!

Obedience improves daily: she's already learned the commands sit, down, crate, "look at me," and comes when her name is called even when we're out of sight. She's house-broken and crate trained too, sleeping quietly through the night right next to our bed.

The onnnnnly downside is that trips out of the house take much longer for us now because EVERYONE stops to comment on how good-looking she is, then begs to keep her when they realize how well-behaved she is for such a young puppy! Okay, okay, you're right... maybe that's a GOOD thing!

Here's a picture of her first pool swim. At first she was scared to take the plunge... until I pretended to drown! She jumped right in and tried to pull me to safety :) After that, she was in and out of the pool all day like it was her job. 

There are so many German Shepherd breeders and german shepherd puppies for sale out there. Making sure we chose the right one felt impossible. Thank you for making our family feel so comfortable and breeding top-notch dogs with sounds temperament. We couldn't have made a better decision!

Amanda + Family
Granville, MA

german shepherd dog with kids

We love our girl Ozzie. Perfect addition to our family!

German Shepherd Information Resources

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