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Thanks again for the pup... Shes doing fabulous and we just adore her! We'll keep you updated on her progress. I'm sure I'll have more questions soon.Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I just loooooveeee this pup.

Let me just say that I've spent two years researching lines and breeders from as far away as the Czech republic and on an impulsive good gut feeling, went with your litter. Not only has she fulfilled my expectations, she's exceeded them in her balanced temperament and drives.

Thanks for entrusting me with her and I'll keep you posted on her progress in ringsport as she gets a little older. I will absolutely drop your kennel name to anyone looking for a solid working line pup and if you need an additional reference for any future buyers.


(October 13th, 2012). You'll see her chomping down on her favorite ball, which I had thrown into the fountain, thinking it would float. Well it didn't, and I thought that was for sure i'd be buying another one. Sure enough, she launched herself up and into the fountain, and searched tirelessly. Don't know how she caught a wiff of a lacrosse ball sitting about a foot and half of water but sure enough, she plunged her head down into the pool and after a few unsuccessful dives, found it.

(October 27th, 2012) Passed our BH today with flying colors. Snapped this pic of her on our celebration hike this evening after a fun round of bite work.

Caroline + Rachel

I found this in a pile of my daughter's school work. I thought it was a nice, unsolicited testimonial that speaks to quality of the dogs that you breed, through the eyes of an 11 year old. It is great to have found a dog with solid nerves that doesn't mind living in a house with three wild and crazy kids! We truly are enjoying her. Thanks again for all of your help over the last couple of years. ...we finally found the right dog for our family.

- Caroline

"Annoying Addie Moments"

Sometimes my dog Addie can be a little annoying, ( some ways more than others), but she is still the best, most lovable dog ever! The most annoying thing Addie does to me is after my mom takes her out, she just seems to love to run into my room and jump onto my bed. At first, she just sniffs around, but then she comes over to me, stands on my body and licks my face to death! Once I wake up she calms down, but now it is 6:00 a.m. and I am already covered in slobber! When I go over to her, when she is just laying there waiting for me to pet her, I can't resist. I have to go and give her a big old belly rub! Another reason Addie can sometimes be slightly annoying is that when I am doing homework, reading, or just having some peace and quiet, all of a sudden I will hear WOOF! WOOF! Addie starts barking! I then go over to stop her and once she quiets down I can go back to what I was doing. Of course though, two seconds later, I hear WOOF! WOOF!. She normally does this for a moment or two when she sees a dog outside the window that she wants to play with. In the end, she quiets down and everything goes back to the way it was. I play with Addie in the backyard a lot. The final reason Addie can sometimes be annoying is that she is crazy obsessed with tennis balls! She will do anything, and I mean anything, for a tennis ball. Here is the annoying part. When she gives up on doing a trick that she doesn't remember, she often jumps up to get the ball out of my hands. Sometimes though, her big, muddy, paws get in the way and she gets mud all over my clothes. I have learned that when I go out to play with her that I need to wear an old outfit because she might get mud on my clothes. I love Addie so much. You can see that she isn't a perfect dog, but she is fun, energetic and the most wonderful dog in the world! - Rachel (2010)


Just wanted to give you an update on the fine pup you sold me...Levon. He's fantastic...just over a year and a half old now. He's healthy and he's a damn good dog. He's perfect with all other dogs and all humans. He lives a very active life...plays with other dogs every single day, we do hikes, he plays fetch now, goes on runs...he'll do and come anywhere.



Best dog ever.

Thinking about pulling the trigger on a second one. Gonna wait till after my June wedding!

- Bill 2014

The O'Leary Family

Hi Brandon - Maya is doing very well - healthy and a joy. She does well in her training but can get hyperfocused on things - a plus and a minus. Here is a picture of her. Just wanted to give you an update on Maya - She is doing so well! She is bright, healthy, fun-loving. loyal, and a wonderful part of our family. She is strong willed and needs a good amount of exercise.

Hi Brandon, Just wanted you to know that Maya is happy and healthy! Merry Christmas! (2014)​

The Kyle Family

...It was amazing watching him grow so quickly. He is a very well tempered friendly dog. He loves other dogs and people.

He is currently attending basic obedience at your recommended trainer, Carlos Rojas K9 academy. His trainer complimented his well breeding and good quality and being a very smart dog. He said he learns very quickly and will have no problems furthering his training. He is being trained one-on-one weekly. He resembles his father alot and we're enjoying him every day. He loves the beach and loves water. Will be in touch. Thanks again! Trooper and The Kyle Family

Gregg Walker

Hey Brandon, how’s things? Bella is doing awesome! She is such a great dog and I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing dog. I constantly hear from my Vet and others how beautiful my dog is and they all ask where I got her. I’ve attached a few pics and I look forward to the next class.


Hey Brandon,

Hope all is well. Bella will be 3 years old in May and I couldn’t be happier with her. She’s incredibly smart, obedient and an amazing family dog. I’ve had three German Shepherds, and loved them all very much, but the quality of Bella is unmistakable. I’ve attached a photo so you can see just how beautiful she is. Be well! - Gregg Walker (2014)


Mika from the "A" Litter  is doing fantastic. She loves the water, she is swimming every day and loves it. We could not have asked for a better dog! -2010

Charlotte + Ben

Hey Brandon,

"Axle" is doing great... and he has settled in.....of course if you check out the pic you'll see why he is so comfy!

Axle went for a check up with the vet today, very healthy. Here is Axle, he is amazing... he is similar to "Lassie" with my son Ben... They are inseparable! -Charlotte


Hey Brandon - Casey is doing great. She went for a check-up the other day, everything looks good. We've started some basic training and I'm hoping to get her into a puppy class soon. She goes for a short walk every day and does great on her leash. She loves to eat and loves to cuddle up with one of my Goldens for nap time. She's a smart little girl (if not a bit headstrong) and she seems to be settling in nicely. 🙂 I've attached a couple of pics. I will keep you updated.Thanks for checking in! Have a great day - Lisa (2010)

Hey Brandon,Got your email and wanted to send a pic of Casey. She is doing great! Life is all about play, play, play! She is such a sweet little girl. Hope all is well with you. I still love that you care so much about your pups no matter how old they are. :-)Take care - chat soon - Lisa (& Casey) 2014


Hey Brandon - I thought you would like to see that picture, Remy has turned into quite the cuddler in her new home! You are right she has such a funny personality she loves playing with my parents 2 dogs :).

​Remy met some of the extended family and everyone fell in love with her! She has been great at night too, she already loves her crate and will go in there on her own during the day to take a nap.

I wanted to let you know Remy has been doing really well. While I am at school in CT we have been going to a puppy socialization Saturday mornings through a trainer that I have been doing some one on one sessions with. The trainer does a lot of work with training and showing GSD so there are quite a few other GS puppies there, and every time everyone raves about how Remy is such a stunning shepherd with a great temperament. The trainer I have been using thinks she has a really great work drive. - Amanda (2010 & 2011)

Hey Brandon!Remy is doing great! I just recently started doing some more off leash training with her through a guy that breeds GSD's and trains dogs locally and she's doing great. She loves running around local beaches and fields with her new "wolfpack" of about 5 German shepherd friends all at once! I still get compliments all the time about how beautiful she is and I refer your way. Hope all is well with you! - Amanda 2014


Havoc is doing really well he is beginning to fetch and knows to scratch at the door to be let out. He does his best to chew on everything, but he favors people - Lou (2010 & 2011)


Hi Brandon - Kona is doing great! It took her about a day to seem comfortable here at her new home, she is so playful and has found her bark. She loves to bite! I've attached some pictures and will defiantly keep you posted on her progress - Jody (2010-2011)

Good morning Brandon, Just a quick update on Kona. She is doing great. We get complements all the time on how well behaved she is, how good with the kids she is and of course how beautiful she is! She is a great family dog. Ive attached a recent picture for you, I think she looks a lot like Buck. Regards - Jody (2013)


Hi Brandon - I just wanted to let you know that Inne is doing very well and has been a great addition to our home! She has such a sweet demeanor and is so beautiful and smart as a whip!!! Leo just loves her to pieces and she has helped his separation anxiety so much it's like he is a new dog! Leo does not bark and cry every time I leave to go to work. It's been 3 peaceful weeks of not one peep when I leave! He is now quiet as a mouse. He loves Inne so much that as soon as I get home I usually let him out first and he runs right to Inne's crate so he can give her kisses ! Inne is such a joy and I am so happy you gave us the opportunity to foster her. She is wonderful!Thanks again so much! You have also been wonderful to work with! - SARAH (2010)

Marcia and John

Yellow now has a name------Rowly. She is beautiful, happy and content.Rowly has both ears up today---she’s just a great dog - Marcia and John


Hey Brandon,

Rowly is a great dog so intelligent and so quick to learn. She is still on the Golf Course and her duty of chasing critters from the course is unmatchable from all the previous dogs I have had. The Geese; even though she is in the club house she knows when they land and will bark to go out so she can chase them. The coyotes’ and deer are not welcome visitors either. At home we have a meadow with a stone wall, on one occasion there were three deer she chased them to the wall stood there until all three had jumped the wall and the turned around and came back never being called. I had expected that she would follow them into the woods but no just get off my property. Although one of my grandchildren insisted on bringing his Jack Russell into the house. Rowly chased it into a corner not aggressive at all but it had to remain in the corner while it was in the house. As for her service ability she is fantastic. I’m hard of hearing--Rowly has learned to alert me when the oven buzzer goes off. No matter where she is and where I am she will come and find me stand directly in front of me and bark. She will do the same thing for the telephone and for my cell phone.Such a great dog can’t thank you enough - Marcia

Deborah Robinson

Brandon - Ruby Rosa Robinson (my dog) and her Brother Dalton Robinson (owned by my cousin) are fantastic dogs. Their temperaments are beyond excellent. They are so very intelligent, healthy, loving, agile and athletic. Brandon's dogs are superbly bred. Between my cousin and I we have had 11 German Shepherds (from other breeders) before getting Brandon's puppies. And as much as we both loved our previous Shepherds, Ruby and Dalton are exceptional in every way. Training is a breeze with them. Both will lick you to death. But they are definitely instinctive. They both are just amazingly smart. You can actually see them think! They are exceptional and healthy in every way. Both are great with small children. We have never had any behavioral problems. They know what no-no means! We've taught them many things, all with ease! They also are signal trained with the basics. They are 14 months old. We will definitely purchase only from Brandon in the future. And on the other side of things- Brandon is always available with his time for you. Which is extremely important. My Vet who owns four Shepherds, says Ruby is exceptionally bred with a fantastic temperament. Definitely adopt a dog from Brandon-you will never regret it - Deborah Robinson

Ok …..Here is the Miss Ruby Rosa Robinson story.A few nights ago my husband and son were fast asleep from plowing……after 24 hours of being out straight.I decided to do a stir fry. Ruby has heard many times the fire/smoke detectors go off when I cook and she is the only dog ever that is completely not fazed by it. She knows the drill-She goes to the door, sits and wait to be let out.This particular night the fire/smoke alarms when off…but instead of letting the dogs out, I hurried to the problem detector and tried to get it to stop. Which I was unable to. Husband and son did not wake up to the alarms which are obnoxious….I walked into the bedroom and there was Ruby in her floor sit on the bed, licking my husband ferociously to get him to wake up. Of which he did because of her! Of course he only woke up to cooking smoke, but the amazing part is she is smart enough to alert him, knowing I was unable to fix the problem.This precious girl is so very smart. You can always see her think before doing relevant things. She is a problem solver as well. Aside from this she is a sweet loving little girl. A 17 months she is amazing. She is a hoarder with her toys and checks them when she comes from in from playing. She has an excellent body clock when it is time to go visit her brother Dalton for a play date. She is at the door right before 2PM before I am ready without me saying anything to her.Her sibling Brother Dalton is very smart as well, he however would rather be the clown and is very acrobatic! He does twists and turns in the air when they are playing. He is also a love. When his “mother” tells him Ruby is coming to play he is at the end of the driveway waiting for her arrival. Ruby knows that Dalton is protective of her, so when strange dogs are being walked by during our play date, Ruby hangs back in a very laid back manner and Dalton goes to the front line, barks and does all the work in total protect mode!I will say they both have a stubborn streak at times, but not a detriment! They both feel they are Number 1 in the family, even though they both have very loving sisters and brothers!I am sure you must have heard amazing stories from the “M” litter.My cousin Valerie and I are so in love with these dogs. In fact the husbands call them “miracle” dogs…..And we just know they are!What a wonderful breeding - Deborah


Hi Brandon,
I've attached a photo of Mila taken this afternoon. She continues to be a real joy to us and our grandchildren.

Lori + Jim + Andrea Byrne

Hi Brandon,

Just wanted to send you an update and a picture of Rex. He is an amazing dog, full of love and energy. We couldn't be happier. We follow and enjoy your newsletter and Facebook posts of all your dogs and the happenings at the kennel.

Lori, Jim and Andrea Byrne


Hey Brandon,
He's a great little guy. Thanks. We kept his name 🙂

- Sherena

Lorraine Trull

Hi Brandon,

Ginger is a great puppy. She loves my ten year old daughter. The geese are getting really bad at the golf course and my husband, Roy, has been taking her to chase them. She loves it! I will be sending some better pictures of her in the future.Thank you. We absolutely love her. She has a great life too!

Take care,
Lorraine Trull

Hi Brandon,

Sig the dog is doing great. He is a pistol and full of energy. Too smart for his own good. He wants to start driving in the spring. Here are a couple of pics of him having some fun in the water.

Andrea + Jim DuPont

Dear Brandon - We thought you would like to see a picture of your "Kora" now known as Zoey, better late than never. She's relaxing in the grass watching the grandchildren. She loves all the dogs she meets and every single person she meets. She is a wonderfully smart girl who has given us a few challenges but we love her dearly. She is great! Thanks for you great bloodlines. If you are ever by the Chatham lighthouse come visit us.
- Andrea and Jim DuPont


Hey Brandon,

Thanks for checking in with us. We are doing fantastic. Roxy is doing great! She is still full of energy and very needy for my attention. She's absolutely loves all this snow we have been getting. Below is a picture from last weekend with her friend Charlie. Eventually I'll be seeking you out for another puppy in the future, so please keep me updated on your litters! Hope all is well with you!

- Andrea (2014)

Allen + Valerie

Hi Brandon,

Gandalf is doing well! (he’s the boy from the U litter with the tan legs)We’ve been training with him in Hudson. Our trainers and some friends with GSDs have mentioned that we may want to look into breeding with Gandalf before planning to have him fixed as he is quite handsome and with good temperament.

Thank you so much - Allen and Valerie



Ozzie is doing great. We finished puppy kindergarten last month and started the next level of training last week. He has been to the vet several times to get all of his shots and he had the hip screening and the doctor said he should not have any problems going forward.

- Mike (2014)

Hello! We have an AWESOME puppy from you! S- litter, 7 months next week and doing really well. He's friendly, fun and learns really fast! He comes to work with us every day and everyone around here loves him. Enclosed is a video of him "working" with us (lettering a Lynnfield K9 cruiser!!). I've sent some pictures in the past which I hope you got. We'll send more soon. I have a bunch, but they're not that good...I'll take some more so you can see recent ones and send them along.THANKS!!!!!

So, it's taken me a while, but I finally got some pictures of our pup, Diesel. He's one of the ones from your S litter.I take alot of pictures, but none of them seem to come out too well..but thees are the ones that came out the best (and he's MUCH handsomer in real life!!)He's going to be 11 months this month and is an AWESOME dog...we absolutely love him! He comes to work with us every day and it's at the point where we have people coming in just to see him! We're really enjoying him!!If I get other good pictures, I'd be happy to send them along so you can see his progress.THANKS!!!!

Diesel's from your S litter. He's the BEST dog...we absolutely love him!!!He's smart, fun and a wonderful family dog...we really enjoy him. He comes to work with us every day he has people who come by just so see him!I'll send more pictures as we have them...but sending these reminders is good!
Dec. 2014

Holly + Matt

Brandon - We cannot thank you enough for Griffin, we are in the middle of some extra training. Griff decided he was going a bit haywire when he hit ten months. Luckily we are getting him to calm back down. Griff is awesome, his trainer says he is highly intelligent and she loves him. We are seeing Julie from Fortunate K9, and she was extremely impressed with his breeding. Griff is just waiting now to celebrate his first birthday next month, unreal that hes already going to be a year!Thank you, Thank you! - Holly and Matt (2014)

Sean + April

We got two amazing dogs from Brandon. We couldn't be more happy with Buster and Daisy. Keep doing what your doing. We love them so much. They are Boyfriend and Girlfriend...they love one another...thanks for 2 great pups!

-Sean and April

Hi Brandon!!
Here's a recent photo of Morgan, from H litter (green girl). Can't believe she's two already!


We are loving our puppy! He is such a good dog. We are very happy (and I think he is too?)! 🙂



Here is a picture of a very "spoiled" Sadie....



Hi Brandon,
Including a couple of pictures for you. Love Henk! He is settling in just fine and such a quick learner! Marvin has been great with him so everything is working out better than expected.I'll keep you updated and look forward to seeing you in class soon.best,
- Diane


Hi Brandon,
Hope things are going well! Gunther is doing great - I attached a pic. He's so smart and well-behaved... we're definitely interested in the upcoming training classes so please keep us posted!Thanks,

- Amanda

Nicole + Nick

Hi Brandon,
Thanks for checking in! Rocky is doing great, and growing fast! He has a great personality, and we truly enjoy his company 🙂 He picks up on any training we give him incredibly fast. Snow is by far his favorite thing. He is having a lot of fun this winter! Here are some pics attached, if you are interested in seeing how he is growing! I included some from a month ago to now. I have a million more, but I figured I throw just some good ones your way. If it helps you identify him, his name is Tim on his paperwork 🙂 He's beautiful too, isn't he? People constantly ask what breed he is and where we got him. He gets a lot of attention, and loves every second! We are sure to throw you name out there, as we feel as though you should be highly recommended!Thank you so much again for touching base! Hope you are having a great new year.

Nicole and Nick

Nicole and Nick

Hi Brandon!
The pup (Rocky) is doing great! He had his first day of doggy day care on Friday, and received an excellent report card. He is healthy, happy, energetic but also snuggly...he's absolutely wonderful and we love him!He has become exceedingly more gentle with his playing and is now over 60 pounds! We just celebrated his 6 month birthday on March 6th 🙂 We are still working on "Speak" and "No speaking." Commands/words we have mastered for the most part are sit, lie down, down, up, catch, get it, leave it, heel, stop, cross (the street), come, stay, easy, ball, bone, frisbee, drop it, among others. We also have him fairly trained by hand signs too, which is cool.Thanks for checking in! I attached a fairly recent photo for you, as an update. He is "Tim" from the "T" litter. Happy almost spring!
Nicole and Nick (2014)