Male German Shepherd Dogs

Male German Shepherds 

Our German Shepherd Studs; Proud Fathers of Hayes Haus Litters

Below is a list of male German Shepherds who have sired litters here at Hayes Haus. In breeding, Hayes Haus focuses heavily on the the temperament, health, intelligence, and structure of all breeding pairs. You can read more about our breeding standards by reading this article: are German Shepherds good family dogs?

Chino vom Ehrlichen Berg Sire: Javir vom Talka MardaDam: China con BrockelsteinDate of Birth: April 17th, 2009Pedigree: CLICK HEREColor: Bi-Color (Black and Tan)Owner:[...]

Chino a.k.a "Roland" lives here with us at Hayes Haus. You'll meet him when you come visit us! 

He's super friendly and great with kids 🙂

Did you know: male dogs are a bit slower to react with aggression compared to females?

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How are male German Shepherds different than females?

Male German Shepherds are generally 10-20 pounds heavier than females and have broader heads, 'thicker' features, and darker pigment colors.

One of the most talked about difference between the two is their protective instincts...

Male German Shepherds' protective instincts for children and other family members kick in a bit later than those of their female counterparts. In addition, males are generally a bit slower to react aggressively in unknown scenarios. Outwardly, this could be described as confidence. 

That being said, male German Shepherds are more likely to bite (with no training) than females and are often noted as being 'emotionally harder' than the females.

They can brush off harsh verbal correction more lightly than the females can, and are thus less likely to comply when they don’t think they have to (a trait that can be described as stubbornness).

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