Female German Shepherd Dogs

Female German Shepherds

Featuring our breeding females; the mothers of Hayes Haus litters

Take a look at the female German Shepherds currently active in the Hayes Haus Breeding program. Each dog lives with their foster family, then when they're ready to be bred once per year, they come to Hayes Haus.

After breeding, they return to their foster home until approximately one week before they're ready to give birth.

You can learn more about how our foster program helps us consistently produce puppies with excellent temperament.

How are female German Shepherds different than males?

Female German Shepherds typically differ from males in the following physical ways: 

  • Weight: 15 pounds lighter than males
  • Features: female German Shepherds generally have narrower heads and slimmer features than males.
  • Females typically have lighter pigment colors, too.

Behaviorally, their differences when compared to males can be generalized as such:

The protective instincts female GSD's have for children and other family members kick in a bit sooner than those of the male dogs. 

Female German Shepherds are quicker to react aggressively in unknown scenarios, however, on average they are less likely to bite (with no bite training).

Females are also emotionally softer than the males, which means they take harsh verbal correction more seriously than males do and thus are a bit more likely to comply to commands.

This 'softness' in females is a big reason why it's common to hear dog owners, breeders, and trainers generalize that "female dogs are easier for first time dog owners." 

Retired Mothers of Past Hayes Haus Litters

They're now enjoying retirement, collecting their pension and drinking martinis on the beach... or, just laying on a couch 🙂